September 12, 2012

September 12th, Book Talk

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

A.A. Miline,  Christopher Robin speaking to his friend Pooh.

I was interviewed last month on KKCO as a former school counselor. One of the questions asked was  what do kids talk to school counselors about.  Over my fifteen years as a school counselor, friendship was one of the top topics for kids.  The sense of belonging or connectedness is part of who we are as human beings.  

My September's selection of books is a wide variety of books,  and friendship is the common denominator.  It takes two individuals to make a friendship.  To name a few, friends can be neighbors, classmates, sisters, brothers, siblings of the opposite gender, or cousins.  These individuals may be similar or different.  They may be helpful, self-centered, quiet and sensible, adventurous, or even mischievous.

Award winning author, Dori Chaconas delights her readers with the endearing friendship of CORK & FUZZ.  Dori has been telling stories her whole life and the ability to entertain others through her creation of memorable characters left me snickering and laughing as I read her book, CORK & FUZZ, THE BABYSITTERS.  Fully developed characters and fun, strong dialogue drives the reader page after page. Dori's words are matched perfectly with the lovable, and lively illustration of Lisa McCue. This book won The Elizabeth Burr/Worzalla Award 2011 for The Best Children's Book of the Year by the Wisconsin Library Association. 

I rate this book a five apple book, cream of the crop, crisp and delicious. I smiled and giggled and laughed and longed for more.

CORK & FUZZ, THE BABYSITTERS is a chapter book for children of both genders, gages 6-9 who can read alone.
    The themes in this book are friendship, babysitting, and helping others.

    You can learn more about Dori,this children's book and her many other books at: Dori's Website.

     You can find CORK & FUZZ through the publisher, Viking Children's Books or your local book store can order this book for you.  On the West Slope of Colorado, our local independent seller is Grand Valley BooksIn addition it can be found online. 


Award winning author, Shirley Raye Redmond's book FAIRIES! A TRUE STORY is a non-fiction reader that brings to life the loyalty of friendship through the story of English cousins, Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright.  These friends stood by their fairy prank for sixty-four years when they finally shared the truth.  Shirley has taken the high appeal subject of fairies and transformed it into a early reader non-fiction book.  In 1981, Frances said, "It was just Elsie and I having a bit of fun."  Isn't that what all friends say?  

I rate this book a four apple book, a good non-fiction book.  Shirley takes high appeal subject matter and keeps it engaging as non-fiction. 

    FAIRIES! A TRUE STORY is for children of both genders, grades first through third who can read on their own and who no longer believe in fairies.

    The themes in this book are history of fairies, friendship and pranks.

    You can learn more about Shirley,this children's book and her other award winning materials at:Shirley's Website.

     You can find FAIRIES! A TRUE STORY through the publisher, Step Into Reading, Random House or your local book store can order this book for you.  On the West Slope of Colorado, our local independent seller is Grand Valley BooksIn addition it can be found online. 


    Colorado author, Marty Mokler Banks engages her readers with sisterly friendship in THE ADVENTURES OF TEMPEST AND SERENA.  The two sisters battle bullies, disasters, and loneliness when when one chooses to avoid returning to school by having one last summer adventure.  Marty accomplishes showing how different personalities whether in the realm of sibling or friend can be true to one's self and the other.  

I rate this book a three plus apple book, an enjoyable read. Marty has created a win-win with Tempest & Serena.

THE ADVENTURES OF TEMPEST AND SERENA is a chapter book for ages 7 and up of high girl appeal. It would make a good classroom read aloud combined with discussion.

The themes in this book are siblings, friends, adventures, and differences.
You can learn more about Marty and her book at: Marty's Website.

     You can find THE ADVENTURES OF TEMPEST AND SERENA  through the author or your local book store can order this book for you.  It is available in paperback and ebook. On the West Slope of Colorado, our local independent seller is Grand Valley BooksIn addition it can be found online. 


Award winning author, Nicole Weaver's love of language, culture, and sisterhood inspired her book MY SISTER IS MY BEST FRIEND,  a trilingual story in English, French, and Spanish.  Keeping the story structure simple and clear, Nichole creates a story that translates well into multiple languages.  Illustrator, Clara Batton Smith uses mirror images in her illustration to add a fourth level of understanding for the reader.

 I rate this book a three plus apple book, an enjoyable read,un agradabe leido,un agreable lu.  

            MY SISTER IS MY BEST FRIEND is a story book for ages 4-8 with high girl appeal. The multilingual writing in the book will require fluent readers of the three languages.
The themes in this book are sisters and best friends.

You can learn more about Nicole and her book at: Nicole's Website.

You can find MY SISTER IS MY BEST FRIEND through the author, Guardian Angel Publishing.  It is available in paperback, PDF Ebook, Flip book on CD. 




Nicole weaver said...


Thank you so much for showcasing my book in your program and blog. I am tickled pink for this grand opportunity. Thank you also for picking me a winner of the Lunch Thief. I appreciate your thoughtfulnes and kindness.

Nicole Weaver
Award-winning Author

Evelyn said...

I enjoyed seeing the variety of books you showcased this time, Diane, all on the theme of friendship. I have to admit that the idea of a non-fiction book on fairies intrigues me. :)

Tina Cho said...

Interesting collection of books, Diane. I'd like to read Cork & Fuzz, as I've read great things about the author.

Vivian Kirkfield said...'ve chosen a bevy of wonderful books again to highlight! I've already read (and reviewed) Tempest and Serena...I will definitely check out the others you mention.
By the way, the copy of Hangman's Gold arrived...I am excited to read it...and will then pass it along to one of my grandsons.
I love the topic of's so important for parents and teachers to help children develop the skill of being a good friend. There's another that I love and use in many of my school visits: "Yes We Can" by Sam McBratney. After reading the story and encouraging the children to talk about it, each child makes their own "book of friendship".

Vivian Kirkfield
Educator, Parenting Speaker, Author

Diane Kress Hower said...

Thanks everyone. The winner this month is Tina Cho.