April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012, KKCO, News11, Today Recommendations

    April has arrived with a new batch of book recommendations.  I have been receiving lots of books in my mail.  Thank you to all the authors who have sent in books.  I am open to unsolicited submissions from Colorado and the Western United States.

     On today's show, I reintroduced a classic, CHARLOTTE'S WEB by EB White. Happy 60th Anniversary!  Can the trio of a little girl, a large grey spider, and a barnyard rat save the life of a little pig named Wilbur?   Masterfully told, Charlotte’s Web is a classic because of excellent story telling and writing.  It has been referred to as the "perfect" book.  A simple story about life and death, and friendship, Charlotte’s Web also tells the story about doing what is right.  "It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend."

 I rate this a 5 apple book.  Outstanding. 

 Charlotte's Web is a great family read- aloud as well as appropriate for ages 8 and above.

     Children will relate to the likable characters and the themes of friendship and fairness.


     Next up is LETTERS TO JUNIPER by Colorado's West Slope author, Peggy Tibbits.  This book was just nominated as a finalist in the 2012 Colorado Book Awards, Juvenile Fiction category.  Way to go Peggy!

     Letters to Juniper is a coming of age story told through letters from  oppressed 12 year Sarah who is stuck in the middle of nowhere in an increasingly dangerous situation.  It's about finding one’s voice and believing in yourself  while having to live under the extreme conditions which her parents have chosen. Of course there is more to it than that but this is one story that I will not divulge more.  Peggy chose to write a difficult story to tell and in a challenging format.   Sarah nudges the reader along through her letters to Juniper until the reader is so engulfed in the tension the reader wants to read the next letter.  The ending twist surprised me. It will surprise you too.  I do think it would be helpful to have the editor note in the beginning and the acknowledgements the end.  

I rate this a 4 apple book, good to very good.  

Letters to Juniper would be a good book for tween ( 9-12)  to fourteen year olds, particularly girls. 

     The themes of loneliness, friendship, family obligations, and struggles during puberty are very strong.

You can find out more about Peggy and her books at : WEBSITE


     Switching gears to picture books, I am excited to share SNOWMASTODON! A SNOW DAY ADVENTURE by Rocky Mountain author Amiee White Beazley, with illustrations by Paul Antonson.

     Snowmastodon is up for an adventure with her good friend sloth.  An unbeatable cast of prehistoric characters help the two friends make great use of what every child hopes for, a snow day.  This story s is a fictional picture book inspired by the 2010 discovery near Snow Mass, Colorado.  Amiee entertains and provides great back-matter explanations about Colorado and prehistoric science and history.  The strong illustrations bring the characters to life.

I rate this a 4 apple book, good to very good.

Snowmastodon! A Snow Day Adventure is a picture book geared for ages 4 - 8.  It would be a great book to entertain as well as teach about Colorado history and science.

      Children will relate to the theme of friendship, adventures, and of course snow days!

You can find out more about Aimee at her website: WEBSITE


Grand Junction, author Wendi Silvano swings the math concept of counting up with monkey business and fun, in COUNTING COCONUTS, illustrated by Marty Ganius.

     Monkey is hungry but he has to count his coconuts before he can eat. Bold and lively illustrations, a likeable monkey, a rainforest cast of  characters who think they know the quickest way to count, and the concept of counting in sets comes together in an entertaining and fun story that will help any child learn to count up and also count in Spanish.

I rate this a 4 apple book, good to very good.

     Counting Coconuts is a great book for preschool through early elementary, including students who struggle in the area of math.  The  numbers are also in Spanish.

     Children will like the colorful illustration and fun way that monkey counts his coconuts.  The themes of helping makes math fun.

     You can find out more about Wendi at her website:  WEBSITE


     Thank you for visiting Book Wisdom by Diane.  These three, West Slope books may be found through the author's website.  I always recommend using your local library which often can order books from throughout a greater library system.  If you plan to buy the book, our local independent bookseller, Margie Wilson at Grand Valley Books is always open to helping you find what you need.