December 20, 2012

Sneed B. Collard III, Book Wisdom Review, December 20


     CARTWHEEL, award wining author, Sneed B Collard’s YA novel is his latest book and sequel to DOUBLE EAGLE.  In typical Sneed fashion, this book sparkles in several areas.  The characters are not only likeable and believable, they are “spot on” developmentally and fit the time period that the book is set in, 1975. The adolescent struggle for independence from parents and risk taking while weighing values is fresh and fits well for the two male characters.  The plot moves quickly and keeps the reader guessing what is next.  Sneed’s research and ability to blend history in his books while holding the readers interest from start to finish is a gift he carries over from his strength as a nonfiction writer.  Readers get the best of his fiction and nonfiction skills blended into a front seat ride in CARTWHEEL

This book is a four apple book, a great read.  Fun, likable characters in a fast paced book that keeps you guessing is  what CARTWHEEL is all about. Although it it billed as a sequel.  It stands by itself and you do not need to read Double Eagle to enjoy it.

      This is a YA novel and appropriate for upper middle school through high school age youth.  It is a high appeal for boys, but I also can see some girls enjoying it.  

     The themes in this book are mystery, friendship, making choices, and solving problems.

    You can learn more about Sneed and his award winning books and where to buy them at: Sneed's Website.

     You can find this book through the publisher, Bucking Horse Books.  Your local book store can order this book for you.  On the West Slope of Colorado, our local independent seller is Grand Valley BooksIn addition it can be found online at Mountain Press and Amazon.

December 2, 2012

Book of the Month, Book Wisdom, December 3, 2012

Are you looking for some great holiday or winter reads in the category of picture books?  This month I have two new books from outstanding authors including a local West Slope author.  Holiday and seasonal books can be extra difficult to successfully write and get published.  Both of these award winning authors have many books published.   They continually strive to write high quality children's literature and have the skill to look at things from children's perspectives from both having previous careers in education. It  served them well knowing children at a developmental level as well as knowing what children love to read.
TURKEY CLAUS by Wendi Silvano
     Award winning, Grand Junction author, Wendi Silvano continues the saga of turkey and his troubles in a very clever and entertaining way in her newly released picture book, TURKEY CLAUS. Although this book is considered a sequel to TURKEY TROUBLE, Wendi has created a unique story that stands completely on its' own. Relieved after escaping being the main course at Thanksgiving, Turkey learns that he is soon to be the back on the menu for Christmas dinner. With little time left, Turkey steps off on a trip to the North Pole to enlist the help of Santa. What is endearing about Turkey is his positive attitude and his thinking "outside the box". He never gives up. Lee Harper's bold and colorful illustration bring the story to life adding to the fun. Wendi's surprise ending is just that, a surprise that is satisfying down to the very last bite of TURKEY CLAUS.

     I rate this book as a  solid four apple book,  a great read.  Loveable, fun character in Turkey and a clever story are well matched with bold illustration will make this a holiday favorite for years to come.

     TURKEY CLAUS is a good match for children of both genders ages four through early elementary as well as enjoyable for adults, and a good classroom or library read aloud, especially for children who are at the developmental stage where they still believe in Santa.

     The themes in the story are humor and positive problem solving creating a win-win situation for all.

     You can learn more about Wendi,  her books and where to buy them at : Wendi's Website

     TURKEY CLAUS is published by Amazon Children's Publishing.  You can find it through Barnes and Noble or Amazon.  Your local book store can also order this book for you. 



Award winning author, Judy Cox continues her wonderful adventure of a tiny mouse with a big heart with the new arrival of SNOW DAY FOR MOUSE, illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler.  Mouse wakes to the wonder of his first snow day.  With his housemate Cat not far behind Mouse is swept out into a snowy adventure where he makes some fine feathered friends.  Ebbeler's style and perspective with his illustration continues to engage the reader/viewer expanding the mouse/child sized perspective of the world.  This is a perfect match of Judy's words and the illustration, great crafting a picture book.


 I rate this book as a solid four apple book, a great read. Seeing and experiencing the world from a mouse perspective through a child's heart hooks while the illustrators skill in creating perspective lifts the adventure up and off the page.

SNOW DAY FOR MOUSE is a high interest story for both genders and appropriate for school age children making friends and experiencing their world around them.  It is sure to become another favorite book about Mouse whether read in the classroom or home.

     The themes in the story are friendship and adventure.

All the Mouse books by Judy are published by Holiday House.  You can learn more about Judy and her books at her website: Judy's Website.  SNOW DAY FOR MOUSE is available through all major book stores.  Your local book store can also order this book for you.  

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