June 19, 2012

JUNE 19th, KKCO, Summer Reads Series, Patriotism and the 4th of July

     Welcome to the second post for my summer reads series.  In the United States, despite our religious, cultural, social, or political differences, we come together and celebrate one holiday.  It happens every year on the fourth day of our seventh month of the year.  Ask someone why we celebrate on the 4th of July, and most people will know it is the celebration of America's birth as a nation, our independence. 

      In this segment, I am sharing two different children's books that are new and written by well known authors in the children's publishing industry.  One is a colorful, lyrical picture book about the many traditions and ways our cultures celebrate our nations birth.  The second is a powerful non-fiction book focused on an important American hero and patriot.

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     This morning I was excited to share these two different books on KKCO.  Somehow the universe conspired with me to have both of these books available to share at the same time and on short notice.  Both of these authors are highly respected in the children's publishing industry and as an educator and a writer/illustrator, I scrutinize over books that are sent to me or recommended to me.  Like the Star Spangled Banner giving me goose bumps, FREDERICK DOUGLASS FOR KIDS, and RED, WHITE, AND BOOM! both stirred something deep down inside me.  I had to give them both my highest rating. 

     Nancy I Sanders, best selling and award winning author of more than 80 books, has created another masterpiece helping children and adults to understand the importance of our African American history.   FREDERICK DOUGLASS FOR KIDS: HIS LIFE AND TIMES with 21 Activities is 144 pages that follows Frederick's footsteps from birth into slavery to his becoming an advisor to Abraham Lincoln.  Children will learn how he escaped slavery, helped others to freedom, and became an author, editor, orator, and civil rights leader.  This book is beautifully designed with photographs, quotes, history, and children's activities.

     I rate this a 5 apple book, outstanding, cream of the crop.  Nancy has made this a complete picture of Frederick's life with her research, chapter titles, text, and photos.

    FREDERICK DOUGLASS FOR KIDS: HIS LIFE AND TIMES with 21 Activities is for school age children, both genders who can read at the upper elementary level. It is geared toward upper elementary and middle school students.

    The themes in this book are American history, the abolition of slavery, African American patriots, and freedom.  

    You can learn more about Nancy and her award winning books and where to buy them at: Nancy's Web Site

     You can find this book through the publisher, Chicago Review Press.  Your local book store can also order this book for you.  On the West Slope of Colorado, our local independent seller is Grand Valley Books. In addition it can be found in museum stores and online.

     Award winning author, Lee Wardlaw has written another book with a bang. RED,WHITE, AND BOOM! explodes with sparkling and colorful words that roll right off your tongue. Textural and colorful collage illustration by Huy Voun Lee lifts and heightens the fun, descriptive, lyrical, text to create a memorable book that belongs in libraries; public, personal, and classroom. RED WHITE AND BOOM! is sure to become a tradition in the celebration of our nation's independence!

I rate this a 5 apple book, outstanding, cream of the crop.  Lee's ability to write short rhyming books that stand-out matched with the perfect illustrations that conveys the celebration and community is outstanding.

     RED, WHITE, AND BOOM! is for children ages 2-7. It is meant to be read aloud and over and over again.

     The themes in this book are the Independence Day, celebration, and community.

    You can learn more about Lee and her award winning books and where to buy them
at: Lee's Web Site

     This book is published by Henry Holt Books for Young Readers. Your local book store can order this book for you. On the West Slope of Colorado, our local independent seller is Grand Valley Books. In addition, it can be found online and in bookstore chains.