April 1, 2013

Book of the Month, April 1st 2013, EARTHLING

EARTHLING  BY Mark fearing

     Get ready to be launched into outer space with EARTHLING, the debut graphic novel by award winning illustrator, Mark Fearing. Thoughtfully capturing the struggle kids experience when moving to a new home and school, Mark places the reader on the bumpy bus of transition. He has elevated the experience to a new and unexpected place. Through his writing and illustration, Fearing transports the reader into the life of Bud, a dreaded alien invading the galaxy. EARTHLING is a dynamic, colorful, comic book style, graphic novel that is fast paced, full of twists and turns, and is
appropriately weighted down with one gigantic problem. No spoilers here.
     This graphic novel is solid in the development of varied and interesting characters who you love or hate and the perfect story pacing that culminates with an unexpected empathetic ending.  The use of color and line dominate the comic book style that holds the viewer/reader through a variety of scene settings so that you feel like you are on the page with Bud. What great fun! I can see a long list of boys and girls of multiple ages and reading abilities that will have a great time with EARTHLING.

I rate this book 4 apples, a great read.  EARTHLING takes the reader out of this world while experiencing typical childhood change and transition in a most unusual way. EARTHLING is a 245 page graphic novel for kids 8 and up.

     The themes in this story are change, transition, new school, friendship, fitting in, solving problems, seeing things from a different viewpoint. This book is in kid-friendly, highly readable and enjoyable format. 

EARTHLING is published by Chronicle Books and is available through your local independent bookseller, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. If you would like more information on Mark Fearing, EARTHLING, or Mark's other books, it is available at Mark's Website.

EARTHLING is being given away this month to a lucky winner who posts a comment on this blog or signs up as a follower or likes the Book Wisdom by Diane Facebook page.  If you sign up as a follower please let me know you did, I do not have access to your name or use your information as I value your privacy. Drawing happens May 5th.