March 17, 2014

Hidden Gems

In our mundane lives, sometimes the simplest actions take us on adventures. Over the past few years, I discovered the library. Of course the library is nothing new, but how I use it is.  My process is simple.  I go to the recently purchased children’s section. Now remember, this shelf is designed for kids.  I am often bent over showing my better side, crouching or sitting on the floor.  This recently purchased shelf is right in the entry/exit area of our youth services section and in eyesight of every adult walking down the main hall.
 I don’t choose my books carefully. I rarely read about the author or illustrator. Once in awhile, I choose books by those I know. My process is fast. I read for titles that peak my interest and/or book cover. I waste no time. It’s grab and go while from behind her desk; the librarian sits, watches, and occasionally smiles at me. Sometimes my stash is a measly 10 books, and at other times I look gluttonous maniac.  I have been known to walk out with over thirty books in one of my drive by visits. I have found there will be at least one gem in my pile. A 5 Apple Review.  This last trip I found three. 
So what is the deal?  I decided to contact the authors/illustrators of my gems just to let them know that I LOVED the book.  Two out of three contacted me back on the same day. I shouldn't be but I continue to be amazed how open and humble children’s authors and illustrators are even when contacted by strangers.  I will be featuring one of those gems soon.  Stay tuned!