August 24, 2012

August 24th, KKCO News 11, Today, Book Talk, Back to School

      As the new school year arrives, educators and parents often wonder about what books there are that help remind kids about building relationships or friendships, community, empathy and working together. Our complicated fast paced lives are easily filled with negative news and over reaction. Good people and their actions are easily forgotten unless we are in the middle of a crisis.  On KKCO, News11, Today with Terri Chappell, I shared two picture books that remind us that we and our children have choices on how we look at and interact with our world.


     Author, Lynea Gillen knows that young children are very impressionable. Lynea's thirty years as an educator and counselor are the spine of her first children's book, GOOD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.  Simply and perfectly stated, Lynea uses her masterful writing skills to touch the readers hearts reminding them "goodness" exists everywhere in our daily lives.  Kristina Swarner's soft and colorful illustrations sew the author's voice and text to them creating a satisfying child-friendly book that is sure to become a favorite read aloud at home or in a classroom. Written for children 3 and up, GOOD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE is a much needed and subtle reminder to be mindful on how to look at the world and sharing that message with our children.

I rate this book a four apple book, great read. Easy to read aloud, the wonderful text and illustrations will touch the child and adult, alike.

    GOOD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE is for children of both genders, ages three and up. 

    The themes in this book are goodness, working together to make the world a better place, and empowerment.

    You can learn more about Lynea,this children's book and her other award winning materials at: Lynea's Website.

     You can find GOOD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE through the publisher, THREE PEBBLE PRESS or your local book store can order this book for you.  On the West Slope of Colorado, our local independent seller is Grand Valley BooksIn addition it can be found online. 

THE LUNCH THIEF by Anne C. Bromley
     Observing real life situations with children, author, Anne C. Bromley utilizes her teaching experience to successfully write THE LUNCH THIEF, a book with multiple themes. With first rate observation and delivery, Anne focuses on the tricky subjects of responding instead of reacting, and hunger.  Believable characters carry this story portraying how easy it can be misunderstand others and situations. Illustrator, ROBERT CASILLA delivers the message in his strong use of point of view, line, and color that create additional emotional impact. For late elementary and middle grade readers and teachers, THE LUNCH THIEF shares difficult themes without being preachy.

I rate this book a four apple book, good - great read. I like how the author and illustrator were able to handle difficult subjects and making the story feel real.

THE LUNCH THIEF is for children of both genders, ages eight through middle school.

The themes in this book are responding appropriately, doing what is right, judgement, hunger, and kindness.

    You can learn more about Anne and her book at: Anne's Website.

     You can find THE LUNCH THIEF through the publisher, TILBURY HOUSE PUBLISHERS or your local book store can order this book for you.  On the West Slope of Colorado, our local independent seller is Grand Valley BooksIn addition it can be found online. 



animalauthor said...

I'm delighted that other authors emphasize empathy at a theme in their books (as I do), empowering kids to consider ways to help others less fortunate. Both of these books will go onto my ever expanding reading list!

Evelyn said...

Diane, both of these books sound like ones that would be great to share with kids. I'm glad you introduced them to us. Themes of kindness and making the world a better place will always get votes from me. :)

Mirka Breen said...

Very strong book recommendations again, Diane. I love the positive vibe of Good People Everywhere (Amen) and the contrast with the exciting The Lunch Thief.

BarbaraB said...

Both of these books sound like great additions to school and family libraries. They are reminders that goodness exists and here are examples for children to follow.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Diane, for the heads up in your email...I made sure to come and see your post!
Two wonderful books, that's for sure. Wonderful reviews and these are great additions to any child's bookshelf. I love the positive messages in the picture book...and the MG book looks quite compelling...I'd love to read it! I'll tweet this...hopefully some more people will stop by and comment. You have a wonderful mission, Diane!

Alison Pearce Stevens said...

These both sound wonderful! Thanks so much for highlighting books with such important messages.

Anonymous said...

The cover and title of Good People Everywhere is so compelling and beautiful. Love to win either of these books!

Kristine said...

Good People Everywhere looks like a great book! We are introducing an anti-bullying program called OLWEUS this year at school and are looking for good books to support empowering the bystanders of bullying. Maybe Good People Everywhere will be a book we can read to the students to remind the kids there are so many more good people out there than bad! Thanks for sharing! The illustrations look very inviting!

Nicole weaver said...


Both books sound like a great read. Thanks for sharing the reviews.

Nicole Weaver
Award-winning Children's Author

Diane Kress Hower said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!