July 24, 2012

July 24th, KKCO News 11, Today, Summer Reads Series


     In my house of educators, summer is a time of grand plans and adventures often buffered with a great deal of resting.  We look for a balance which is about as easy to make happen as winning the lottery. It's July 24th and the retail "back to school" chant has begun.  My goal was to create great lists for parents to have for summer reading.  Although I have created them in my mind and on my legal pad, I have not got it translated into this website.  Perhaps this was a long term goal that was pretending to be just a short term summer goal.  Stay tuned.

     Today on KKCO, I shared about books and needs for young children, ages 2-6.  Children are always developing on multiple levels.  But, this time frame in particular is the ground floor or foundation for self esteem.  I recently visited a writer and colleague who is know as the "queen" of play.  A retired, child psychologist that focused on early years and play, Leah Kunkle Acus is such an inspiration and expert.  We talked a great deal about helping adults to understand the role of play and correlation with the development of self esteem. When I came home from our visit, there in my book pile sat the perfect fit with this conversation I had and today's book talk.

Cindy Moo by Lori Mortensen, Illustrated by Jeff Mack

     Award winning author, Lori Mortensen has taken a classic children's nursery rhyme to the next level, CINDY MOO, a positive, fun children's picture book where a spunky cow does not buy into what the herd believes.  Cindy Moo believes.  She believes in herself.  Can a cow jump over the moon?  Cindy thinks she can.  Illustrator, Jeff Mack helps to lift the text into a magical, night time adventure with his use of strong shapes, vibrant colors, and moonlit, cuddly, cow images.  You can check out their book trailer to this positively, wonderful book for little ones of all ages at Book Trailer, CINDY MOO.
     I rate this a 4 apple book, a good to very good, summer or anytime read.  Lori has created a strong voice in her character Cindy Moo who can do anything she sets her mind out to do.

    CINDY MOO  is 32 page picture book for young children, toddler to early elementary ages.  This book would be appealing to both genders. 

    The themes in this book are barnyard fun, "I Can Do It.", positive thinking, creative thinking, and self esteem.

    You can learn more about Lori and where to buy her book at: Lori's Website

     This book is published by Harper Collins Children's Books. You can find this book through your local independent bookstore.  In Grand Junction, our independent bookstore is GRAND VALLEY BOOKS.  Or you can find it at Harper Collins, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

SHOW ME HOW! by Vivian Kirkfield

     The beginning of  author, Vivian Kirkfield's book SHOW ME HOW!, she includes the following poem, IF I HAD A CHILD TO RAISE OVER AGAIN by Diana Loomans.  This poem is about the building of self esteem in childhood and the power of play and love.  It is the perfect entry into the amazing resource guide for parents SHOW ME HOW!  Vivian has created a volume of work laid out in themed based chapters with an average of 15 picture books per chapter that help address the chapter's theme.  The picture books Vivian shares are a diverse mix of old classics and current books. After  a description of each book, Vivian gives a Positive Parental Participation Note to help parents and caregivers understand the the importance of the concept or idea brought through the picture book. This is done in a very professional, caring, non preachy way.   Each book is paired with a craft activity and a cooking activity.  The activities and books are meant to be used by caregivers, parents, and teachers working with young ones.  
I rate this a 4 apple book, a good to very good, parental/caregiver resource.  Vivian's expertise as an educator and parent speaker makes this book a wonderful resource.

    SHOW ME HOW! is 220 pages and for adults looking for books and activities that support building a strong self esteem in early childhood.  

    The themes addressed in this book are I can do it, I'm special, I love you and you love me, I am really mad right now, I'm a friend, and I like myself.

    You can learn more about Vivian and where to buy her book at: Vivian's Website

     This book is Indy published by MoneyPenny Press, Ltd . You can find this book through Amazon and Vivian's website.


Kristine Walter said...

Cindy Moo looks like a book my 2 year old would love! We love farm animals, rhyming words and books that instill self esteem in our young children! I would love to have a copy of the book for my children's home library!

Tina Cho said...

Cindy Moo looks very cute, and I'm already curious how she jumps over the moon. Vivian K. is in my 12x12 group, and so I'm glad you're able to promote her book.

Anonymous said...

Diane...what a lovely review! Thank you so much for the kind words about Show Me How! I've already checked out Cindy's a wonderful picture book for little ones...and so enjoyable for the adult who is reading the story as well. I hope you will be able to embed the video clip of today's KKCO summer reading series...I'd love to see it. :)

tammi sauer said...

I can't wait to check this one out!

Jeff Mack illustrated my book Mr. Duck Means Business. He is pretty fantastic. :)

Evelyn said...

Another helpful review of two books I'd enjoy reading. Thank you, Diane! Vivian's book especially sounds like it has lots of fun activities to do with kids that tie in with books--just the sort of thing I liked both when my kids were young and when I was teaching primary aged children.