March 20, 2012

March 20, 2012 KKCO, News11, Today, Recommendations

     Today, I shared four of the six,  2012  Association for Library Service to Children's picks for the Newbery and Caldecott awards.  I chose to start with these books for one simple reason.  This opportunity came up "out of the blue".  I had three weeks to read and plan for this segment and how to handle the influx of books arriving in my mail box and get over my camera shyness. 

    My thoughts about awards is that they have a place.  I also recognize that every children's book that receives an award will not be liked by someone.  There have been books that have won awards that I did not like.   Lets face it, if we all liked the same things, the world would be a rather boring place.  

     The books I shared with Terri all had several things in common.  They all were well crafted and spoke to the emotional level of a child reader and an adult reader.  When I use the term well crafted, I am talking about the presentation and clarity of the story and/or the illustration as well as the guts (character, plot, style, setting). In addition, both of the novels distracted me and refused to be put-down. The main characters and plot twists reeled me.  Transported back in time and place, I landed inside of the character's skin.

     Here is the run down of my recommendations from today:
  • INSIDE OUT AND BACK AGAIN,  author Thanhha Lai, middle grade novel, ages 10 and up, the story is about the life of a 10 year old Vietnamese refugee and her journey from Saigon to Alabama written in verse.
For more info:

          Inside Out and Back Again

  • DEAD END IN NORVELT, author Jack Gantos, middle grade novel, ages 10 and up appealing more to boys,  a fun story about a young boy who is grounded for the summer in a small quirky town.
For more info:

          Dead End in Norvelt

  • A BALL FOR DAISY, illustrator Chris Raschka, fiction picture book, ages preschool and up, appealing to children, adults, and dog lovers, the story in pictures brings to life the circle of emotion in loving a special toy, breaking it and finding a resolution. 
For more info:

         A Ball For Daisy

  • ME... JANE, author/illustrator Patrick McDonnell, non-fiction picture book, ages preschool and up, appealing to children especially those who love nature, the story is about young Jane Goodall following her dream. Great read to inspire children that dreams can come true.
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Evelyn said...

Thanks for sharing, Diane. I enjoyed watching the video and hearing your recommendations about the books. Looking forward to your next episode!